Re: After market engine mounts ? #replacement

Paul Guenette

Thank you for responding to my query about alternative engine mounts. 

I have decided to go with the Yanmar mounts, ( Y 200  129470-08351 ).  I plan to change all four Yanmar mounts.  I am in the process of tracking four of these down now.

I have purchased the K018 Bushing Kit from Vetus and plan to check and change these out if need be. 

I have a machinist making me an alignment tool per the specs and drawings I found here on the forum. 

I am wondering if I should be changing the two C Drive mounts at the same time as I do the Yanmar engine mounts and Vetus bushings ?

Is there anything else I should be considering while doing this maintenance project ?

Thank you for your time, Paul

Aramis, SM 2000,  444

Comox, BC, Canada

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