Re: After market engine mounts ? #replacement

Craig Briggs

Can't think of any reason not to change the "C" drive mounts while you're at it as they've got the same hours on them as the engine mounts (actually, they might more accurately be called frame mounts, not engine mounts). My recommendation would be to let the "C" drive sit in place with it's new mounts totally loosened, that is the lower nuts backed off so they are not touching the "C" drive feet. Then align the frame and engine assembly with the new mounts carrying that weight (of course you'll need to unweight the frame/engine to adjust the new mounts - a trial and error process). After it's aligned, then snug up the "C" drive mounts with the bottom nut so the weight is shared between the trumpet and the mounts, that is, you don't want the full weight of the "C" drive upper unit on the trumpet, as there's a foam gasket between the bottom of the trumpet and the hull hole. In other words, the weight of the frame, engine and "C" drive should be held by the four frame/engine mounts. 
And, while the alignment tool is helpful, the Vetus coupling is engineered to take up some misalignment and feeler gauges and eyeballs are good. Or put some lipstick on the flange, put a piece of paper between and slide the engine gently in place so it just kisses the flange - the lipstick will show any misalignment.
-- A fun project, indeed.
Craig - SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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