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Porter McRoberts

Ours sits also in the same spot. Rests on its feet. No issues with plenty of sailing. We take it out and put in the middle of the cockpit to use it so it’s well ventilated.   


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Hi Tom,

When Amel installs the compressor it is mounted on a piece of wood and fitted to rails. This means it can be slid back out of the way when not needed. The wood the compressor is mounted on can be fixed with pins when underway.



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So, I've just purchased a dive compressor and am installing it. It fits perfectly and snugly on it's rubber feet between the dive tank storage and the port cockpit lazarette divider....using 25 1/2 of the 26 inches available. My question is how people have secured their compressors in place. I don't want to remove the rubber feet to control the vibration and there is not an obvious answer (to me). Securing it to the dive tank storage and lazarette divider seems awkward and would transfer a lot of vibration. I've looked at the pics on this site but it wasn't helpful. Or have people not permanently secured it ?

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