Re: Forward looking Sonar - Amel 54 - Echopilot FLS 2D frequency vs B&G Sonic Speed Sensors or Depth Sounders

Matt Salatino

We used OpenCPN extensively on our previous boat. Even though there are no depth numbers on a google overlay, it is easy to see depth differences in the color of the water, and in many instances, a google map overlay helped immensely to avoid shallows when entering an anchorage, sometimes even better than a standard chart.
The last OpenCPN update made their free software a major contender to most chartplotters. We appreciate the efforts of the developers and would make a minor donation to them every year we used the app. It’s a great piece of kit, and does handle AIS target information better than many chartplotters. Weather overlays and Radar overlays are seamless, and it also has split screen capabilities. 


On Oct 3, 2020, at 8:08 AM, Gerhard Mueller via <carcode@...> wrote:

Using OpenCPN with Google overlays does not help a lot. Such maps are usually georeferenced pictures of Google Earth. So they have no depth information and are raster charts only (bitmaps, called *.kap), no vector charts with additional informations. However there are also professional charts available for OpenCPN and most circumnavigators uses the old CM93 v2 vector charts even when the latest available version is from May 2015 for free.

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