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Denis Foster


Thank you for attracting attention to the Pischel RIB if Dusseldorf 21 is not cancelled I will have a better look.

We have had both a Caribe 10X and a AB AL9.

Global quality is very good but Caribe Paint on AL floor peeled away quickly.

For the Caribe some details are a little cheap like the hinges of the forward locker that needs reinforcement. The fuel line under deck is  impossible to replace. The lifting points need reinforcement. We have a Tohatsu 15HP 2cycle which is very good. And also a Torqueedo electric 1003S that is very convenient since it is so light but the throttle handle needed replacement under warranty and the electrical connections are fragile and need a lot of care not to be off centered before tightening.

Since tender theft is a growing nuisance has someone tried to put a GPS tracker relayed by the Sigfox network. Not sure it has world coverage mostly in the insecure regions?


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Le mar. 6 oct. 2020 à 12:32, Arnold Mente via <> a écrit :
Hi, here my personal ranking in quality:

Company Prod. in

1. R.I.B. Line Pischel (D) Germany
2. Caribe Venezuela
3. AB Colombia
4. ZAR Tender (I) China
5. Highfield (AU) China
6. Nautend (GR) China
7. Zodiac (F) China
8. 3D-Tender (F) China
9. Plastimo (F) China

All manufactures offering Hypalon, the first 3 only Hypalon!


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Am 06.10.2020 um 10:09 schrieb Ian Park <parkianj@...>:

My PVC dinghy suffered and expired in the Caribbean and we were recommended Highfield which we bought in hypalon. Pleased with it although no longer in the Caribbean. If headed there, most cruisers fit ‘chaps’ which IMO are worth the expense ( also an engine ‘chap’). Hypalon seems to be the best choice for tropical climate. 


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