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Arnold Mente

Hi Mohammad and Aty,

actual I have a Plastimo 270 Hypalon wit GRP bottom and 6 HP Evinrude. Because I am sailing alone, it is important for me to have it easy to handle. Long distances, heavy weather I keep on deck and it fits between my mizzen traveller and mast. In the davids, I have a construction from La Rochelle. It works in some marina to lift it down and use the pasarella above and take care for your head. The SM space for rib is more less than at 54. I attach a picture. The last 20 years I put a lot of dingys in rubbish. The last on my previous boat was a Caribe L9 and and it was ecellent but get sold with my boat. the reason now for Plastimo was only the price under 2k € and Hypalon. If money is not important but the quality Pischel is my favorite. They will ask you the placing for the lifting hooks that it fit to your davids, the color of the tubes and everything you want. Final you have a rib personalized and not like everyone.

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Am 06.10.2020 um 18:42 schrieb Mohammad Shirloo <mshirloo@...>:

Thanks Arnold.
Which manufacturer, model and size did you end up? What size outboard? What has been your general experience in ride, comfort dryness etc.?
Happy Sailing;
Mohammad and Aty
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Hi, here my personal ranking in quality:
Company                                                                             Prod. in
1. R.I.B. Line Pischel (D)                 Germany
2. Caribe                                                                              Venezuela
3. AB                                                                     Colombia
4. ZAR Tender (I)                                              China
5. Highfield (AU)                                               China
6. Nautend (GR)                                China
7. Zodiac (F)                                                       China
8. 3D-Tender (F)                                               China
9. Plastimo (F)                                                   China
All manufactures offering Hypalon, the first 3 only Hypalon!
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Am 06.10.2020 um 10:09 schrieb Ian Park <parkianj@...>:
My PVC dinghy suffered and expired in the Caribbean and we were recommended Highfield which we bought in hypalon. Pleased with it although no longer in the Caribbean. If headed there, most cruisers fit ‘chaps’ which IMO are worth the expense ( also an engine ‘chap’). Hypalon seems to be the best choice for tropical climate. 


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SY Zephyr SM203

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