Re: Inverter grounding and other details


Hi Jose,
We installed a 63 amp, 660V, 3 position rotary switch.  The left position connects all 3 wires coming from the autoswitch that will give you shore power or generator, the middle position has no connections of the 3 wires and the right position switches all 3 wires coming from the inverter. The 3 wire output goes directly to the input terminals of the "white box" AC panel above the sink.

Earlier I had posted a full explanation of the installation and the advantages of it.  The Amel posting also has links to pics of the installation---,,,20,0,0,0::Created,,kaimi,20,2,0,46195362

A link to photos of the installation are in the posting--   The old link to eBay for the switch itself is no longer valid but here is a current link

Even though I had the parts and a plan, and the tools, we had the installation completed using a marine technician at Manoel Island Boatyard in Malta.  In my opinion having an professional expert involved is worth it for safety reasons.  He required an RCD installed immediately after the 220V exited the inverter (even though it went only about 3 feet to the "white box" AC which also has an RCD.  The installation also required an appropriately sized DC breaker just before the inverter (ABYC requirement which you can Google).

Let me know if you have questions.

Bob, KAIMI  SM 429

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