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In reference to last paragraph below: since a buddy boat had his (not so expensive) tender “stolen” during the night in PORT VILA, VANUATU I ALWAYS raise my tender in the davits during the night – it is not “passage secured” but just swinging in the davits. I have seen OCT’s on boats w/o davits hanging during the night on a halyard on the side – very easy to do as they are so light.


Finally – don’t underestimate the importance of having the lines of your davits hanging exactly straight down and NOT in an angle from the davits to the tender. It is amazing how quickly even Dyneema chafes thru in a rolly sea; I had the stern davit line breaking on a 1 week old HIGHFIELD during 30 plus knots of wind against the swell on passage from NEW CALEDONIA to TANNA, VANUTUA. We were able to re-rig/secure the dinghy but it was NOT cool. The beauty of the OCT is that Russell will ask you for the exact distance between the davit lines and then makes sure the Dyneema hook up straps will be at the right place. Since then I never had a problem with the davit lines chafing.  


Best Regards Teun

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Hi Mohammad,


Yes I slept on the problem. It turned out I needed to back out the arms at the top furling swivel. My top lashing on the genoa broke and the tension on the halyard jammed the swivel right up to the black plastic stopper. It would not tap down until the arms were backed out and then it was fine. The problem was that I was alone, but I managed to find a helpful yachtsman to winch me up. The lashings are now all dyneema.


The tender is the Caribe L9 with 15 HP 4 stroke. It can only just plane with four people on board. It hauls up on my solar stern arch and is absolutely fine in all weather. However for ocean passages I put the outboard in the stern locker and store it upside down on the aft coach roof. It just fits without fouling the mizzen sheet.


It is a good ride and very sea worthy. Being smaller than your current one there is no problem with it overhanging port and starboard, and as you can see the stern passerelle goes over it if it is lowered.

I must say I do like the look of the NZ hard tenders, the only problem is the price and of course theft.



S/Y Amelia, AML 54-019




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Thanks Nick. I do recall the anchorage where we met. I think you were having some issues with your Genoa. I think you figured it out the solution in your sleep at night.


What size and model Caribe do you have? How does it fit on the Davits and how’s the ride in chop and breeze? We usually take long excursions either exploring or going for dives, kite surfing etc.


Hope to see you in another anchorage in the future.


Happy Sailing;



Mohammad and Aty

B&B Kokomo

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Hi Mohammad, Hi Aty,


We very briefly met as you were leaving  when we were both anchored off Corfu town last summer.


I bought Amelia with her Caribe included and it is still going strong. Hypalon pontoons and GRP rigid hull. I highly recommend this brand.


In my opinion Hypalon is well worth the extra expense. I also believe that if you have the habit of leaving an aluminium hulled rib in the water the whole time corrosion and adhesion of the pontoons to the hull can be a problem. If however you are in the habit of hoisting the dinghy on your davits every evening that may not be a consideration. 




S/V Amelia AML54-019

Ashore Leros.



On 6 Oct 2020, at 07:47, Mohammad Shirloo <mshirloo@...> wrote:


We are looking for a new tender, as our existing 12 year old Zodiac Classic foldable with aluminum floor planks that came with our Amel, is starting to have some of the glue joints fail. It has been a great stable ride that planes with a 20HP with 4 people. We have been considering the Highfield line and will not be onboard prior to ordering, Therefore, we would appreciate comments on the following issues:

  1. How does the CL310 or CL340 fit on the Davits?
  2. PVC or Hypalon? We will most likely be in the Med for another 3 years and then onto the Caribbean. AT this point our ongoing plan is to continue sailing West. about 6 months every year.
  3. Our existing 3.5 Meter Zodiac, does present some challenge trying to leave the dock, while Med Moored in a cross wind, if we have yachts at both sides. The tender is about 18-24 inches wider than the stern, therefore the bow on the tender can get caught in the stanchions of the adjacent yacht. In extreme conditions, we lower the tender and tow behind until we are clear of the dock and then bring the tender up on Davits. Does anyone have a better solution?
  4. What is your general impression of the quality, ride and longevity of the highfield line?
  5. What other tender lines have you used that you could recommend?

Thanks in advance for all input.

Mohammad & Aty
B&B Kokomo
Amel 54 #099 



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