Re: Tender Amel 54 #dinghy

Craig Briggs

On Tue, Oct 6, 2020 at 01:49 PM, Teun BAAS wrote:
In reference to last paragraph below: since a buddy boat had his (not so expensive) tender “stolen” during the night in PORT VILA, VANUATU I ALWAYS raise my tender in the davits during the night – it is not “passage secured” but just swinging in the davits. I have seen OCT’s on boats w/o davits hanging during the night on a halyard on the side – very easy to do as they are so light.
Teun, that's the 2nd Rule of the Caribbean:  'Lift it, Lock it or Lose it". 
1st Rule, of course, is "De biggest boat got de right o' way, mon!"

We use the balooner halyard for hoisting on the side - easy peasy.

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