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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Thank you Bill, much appreciated. No gas connections to worry about?
Kind Reghards
Danny SM299

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Hi all, has anyone had experience in removing the freezer under the dinette seat in the saloon of the SM 2000. Would appreciate some advice before I start as I have been told it is a diffucult process.
Kind TRegards
Danny SM 299
Hi Danny,
Removing the freezer is straight forward except for one long screw. That screw is at the bottom rear starboard side of the freezer unit and keeps it form tilting forward in a rough seas i guess. The only way to access the screw is through the floor boards in the aisle. Remove both boards and get your head down there and you can see the freezer insulation. To the rear of the space and against the frame work for the counter there is a screw that is virtually impossible to access. To keep it from backing out, there is a small block of wood that has to be removed. Then you can see, with a mirror, the head of the screw which goes form port to starboard through the frame of the freezer into the frame of the counter. My hands are large and could not handle the screw driver in such confined quarters and had to get a small person to turn out the screw. Once it is removed and all the other screws and compressor electrical connections are detached, the unit lifts
out easily. Then you have normal access to the water tank below and the bolts for the keel.

Hope this helps.

Bill Rahmig, SM 72 Leonore of Sark

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