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Hi Bill,


Thanks. I do like the manifold made in Martinique. The only thing I would do differently is instead of the 90° elbow at the end, I would have a removable cap to enable access to the main pipe section for cleaning.


Question: Did Amel install a one-way flow valve in this section coming off the vetus strainer? I have one and it seems logical as I would not want water being sucked out of the AC system etc by the engine or generator.




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Below will help you understand what Amel originally did on your SM:



This will help you understand generally what Amel does today with PVC manifolds and some other ideas for you:


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On Wed, Oct 7, 2020 at 12:44 PM Mark Erdos <mcerdos@...> wrote:

I am looking for some ideas to redo the sea chest. I am pretty sure the unit I have is not factory since an additional water maker was added by the previous owner. Also, my current unit is polypropylene pipe and I have read about corrosion being an issue on other Amels. So, I have no idea how Amel originally designed this.


Coming off the Vetus strainer, I have independent direct connections to the generator and engine. The third goes to a one-way flow valve, a shut-off valve and then to a pipe with outlets for air conditioning, heads/anchor wash, water maker one, and water maker two. There are no independent shut-off valves for each of these four outlets.

I am wondering if anyone has tackled this project and can give me some pointers regarding design and placement.


I would like something that is easy to clean and has individual valves for each outlet. Thoughts?




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