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API classification of oils.

Designation of oils for commercial vehicles with diesel engines. The classes in use at the moment for vehicles of different years are CH, CI, CJ and CK. The number 4 following the class designation signifies 4-stroke engine vehicles. Let's look at grade C oils in detail:

 CH-4. Introduced in 1998. Suitable for engines that use high quality gasoline with sulfur content up to 0.5% by weight.

 CI-4. Introduced in 2002. This type of engine oil provides reliable protection of the engine and exhaust system against soot deposits, and prevents premature wear of its components. Some lubricating materials of this class are designated CI-4 PLUS.

 CJ-4. They have excellent high temperature stability, resist oxidation and have a long service life.

 CK. Developed for the protection of engines manufactured in 2017. However, engine oils of this type can optionally be used on older engine models.

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Morning all,

I am having difficulty sourcing the recommended engine oil for the Yanmar 43H3HTE Turbo in Malaysia. Can anyone recommend a high quality alternative.


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