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You touched on one of my favorite subjects, so I will comment in an "old-man rant" sort of reply.

It is very common today that manufacturers omit certain added features or components because the buyer rarely buys the product based on the addition or the quality of these added features or components. It is a fact of life in manufacturing and selling any product. Many manufacturers choose to not add cost when they know the buyer is not focussed on the benefit of the associated added cost of that feature or component during his buying decision. Things have changed since the days when manufacturers, like Amel, included many costly components in the purchase price. You and I are aware of the time when an Amel included 5 sails and more than one Amel owner never used either ballooner.

The good news is the seat cover can be used as an excellent pattern for someone to make one from Sunbrella...and Highfield has given us a full year to have a quality seat cover made! The same thing goes for the included dinghy cover. Highfield and 3D share the same not-so-good supplier of these components.

Of course, this is all caused by us, the buyer. 

We almost never inquire about the quality of these added components and spend almost all of our time inquiring about other things like price. In fact, Highfield would likely lose sales if they increased the price of the dinghy to cover the additional cost of quality fabric. So, in this case, Highfield is doing exactly what "we" want.

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On Sat, Oct 10, 2020 at 3:32 AM Ian Park <parkianj@...> wrote:
The Highfield seat cover and pocket is a nice design. Unfortunately the fabric is poor quality for the purpose. I have had two seat covers now and both disintegrated after a year; not UV proof!

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