Re: Sea Chest

Thomas Kleman

Hey Mark, we seem to be working on the same project. My sea water manifold is corroded and I'm building a new one. 10 years ago I changed out the original Amel ball valve for one made of Marelon. At that time, I used the Amel fitting (1-1/4 threaded to 35 mm barbed). I'm now replacing everything to the left of that (which is the corroded copper fitting) and building it out of plastic components. Wondering if you can also salvage it (the Amel fitting) from your boat to save you this search.....the other option is to replace the ball valve with one of a size that fits a 1-3/8 barbed end......good luck. One bit of wisdom I've found. 1-3/8 hose is more common as a wet exhaust size than bilge/water so couplers might be found best by looking backwards with that in mind.

Thomas Kleman
SM 2K 422

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