Re: Genoa Chain Plate bolts Leaking in aft hanging closet

Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

Hello Paul,

Thanks for the response.  Are there nuts under the rub rail, because the bolt heads are in the closet?  Or, are the bolts threaded into the chainplate somehow?  Other questions...  There is also one bolt head holding the chainplate to the side of the boat for the outside.  This single bolt head is near the middle of the chain plate facing out.  Is this bolt treaded into a nut embedded in fiberglass, or will I have to find the nut on the inside of the boat.  I can't see at this time where the nut would be.  Also, anyone that has had the problem know the correct way to repair the leak?  I am worried about putting on a bunch of sealant on the stainless steel which may promote the stainless steel to corrode.

Thanks for the help.

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