Re: Genoa Chain Plate bolts Leaking in aft hanging closet

James Alton


    My boat is a 1987 Maramu so consider this information general in nature to your situation.  I would suggest that you start by removing one bolt  to see what kind of sealant was used originally.  If you find that silicone caulking was used it will be the easiest to go back again with the same material since most products will not bond well to silicone.   If the original caulking is silicone and you want to use the 5200,  you will need to mechanically remove all traces of the silicone to get a good bond.  Regardless of the sealant to be used,  I would suggest removing as much of the original sealant as possible since your best bond will be to the fiberglass and metal surfaces.  One upside to the 5200 in your rainy situation is that it won't care if it gets wet during the curing process but silicones can work fine as a sealant too.  Just be really sure that the surfaces you are applying the caulking to are dry to get the best adhesion.  Gentle heating with a hair dryer can remove the moisture and so long as the surfaces remain warm you won't have any condensation.  Complete removal of the chainplate is preferrable but you should be able to restore the seal by just rebedding the offending bolts. I would clean up and inspect the bolts to be sure that you don't have any pitting or corrosion since salt water has been in there.  No need to worry about cleaning caulking from the threads, in fact I would leave it to help lock the nuts.  None of the caulkings are strong enough to prevent the removal of the nuts in the future. In the case of a chainplate adherred with 5200 to the gelcoat, you can also be temporarily weaken a polyurathene caulking like 5200 by carefully heating the metal to reduce or eliminate damage to the gelcoat.  Best of luck.

James Alton
SV Sueno
Maramu #220

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Hi Erik,

Here are some photos of the job at hand!  I talked with some local boaties here at Krabi Boat Lagoon, and they suggested 5200.  It has been raining for 5 days straight, and looks like it will continue for the next 6 days. I am thinking once it stops for a day or two, I will do the following.

1.  Remove 1 or 2 of the bolts.  Not to remove the entire chainplate.
2.  Clean hole and bolt with alcohol.
3.  Put good amount of 5200 into hole.
4. Replace bolt or bolts and try to get as much of the 5200 off the treads.  So that I don't glue the nut onto the bolt.
      I am told that this will not be a problem, any thoughts? 
5.  Repeat until finished with all the bolts.  Except, I am only planing to do the 4 bottom bolts under the rub rail, not the single bolt in the middle of the chainplate.  This bolt does not show signs of leaking, and even if it did, the leak should be at most, minor, due to the location.  Unlike the 4 bottom bolts which could submersed in water for extended periods of time.  And thoughts about this decision?
6. Glue interior back together.  Still wondering what adhesive to use to re-attach the interior lining.   It's like Humpty Dumpty, just hope I don't need all the Kings Horses, and all the Kings men.
7. Replace Rub Rail rubber piece.

Anyone have thoughts about my intended procedure?

Aquarius SM2K#262
In Krabi Boat Lagoon, Thailand

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