Re: Genoa Chain Plate bolts Leaking in aft hanging closet

James Alton


   I have worked on boats that used the butyl tape and use it myself for applications.  It is good stuff overall and I always carry some on the boat.  Works best it seems on mating parts that keep  pressure on the buytl.  If for instance you removed the chainplate and used the buytl tape between the chainplate and the fiberglass, the material would be pressed into the bolt holes and seal well.  You can also come back later and retighten the bolts if a new leak occurs and sometimes it will reseal, not so with caulk.  But I have not had the best luck sealing bolt holes alone with Butyl since the material does not want to stay on the bolt and fully fill the voids like caulking can.    So if I were just sealing the bolts I would go with a caulking. Best, James

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Hi Bill,

I knew the copper vent pipe for the fuel tank in the closet area, however, I didn't know about the potential condensation problem within the closet.  I will look a bit closer at the potential places where the water could come from, but I am pretty sure it is coming from at least one of the bolt holes on the bottom row of 4 bolts holding the Genoa chainplate.  Stick a few paper towels in various places and see which one gets wet.  

Next, I guess I need to do some research about Butyl tape.  See if that could be the silver bullet I've been looking for...

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