C-Drive Oil drain - Alternative

Rudolf Waldispuehl

Dear AMEL Groupies

Is there a way to dain (pump/sucking) out bad Oil from the C-Drive while the boat is in water?
Recently (after 3 years) I got water ingress into the C-Drive. I cannot go out on hard right now for the next 2-3 Month. Haul out it planned for January-21. I don't move the boat anymore but still then, I don’t like. I don't like to have the milky Oil (mix of Oil and Salt water) in the c-drive for such a long Time. 

I was thinking there must be an alternative option to get rid of it while in water. Maybe I could suck that milky stuff out of the C-drive through the hose where the expansion container sits on top? 

Does anyone know if it works? And maybe someone on the forum has even done that?

What is the potential damage of the C-drive having this cream of oil/water inside (without driving the boat) ?

Any idea and advice is very welcome, best regards

Ruedi Waldispuehl

WASABI  - Amel 54 #55

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