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I have recently purchased a DIGITAL YACHT WL500 HI-POWER WIFI SYSTEM WITH EXT ANTENNA from Marine Electroics in the UK. It was not cheap but it really seems to do the job. I cannot claim to have managed the "up to 6 miles" claimed but can vouch that I have achieved a solid connection at 1 nm plus.

It uses a chunky rod antenna with a very large diameter, low loss coax. It requires a 12v supply into a supplied adapter and a USB connection into the PC. The kit comes with a deck mounting for the antenna but that would not work as a permanent fitting. I have been hoisting the antenna 5m or so up the mizzen.

I am currently investigating fitting a through deck connector so that I can install the hardware permanently and then plug in and hoist the antenna when required.

Marine Electronics are at

Martin Bevan
Amel 54 Caduceus

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I'd like to improve wifi reception on my SM2K. I'm considering installing a wifi antenna, such as the following product:

Does anyone have any recommendations on products such as this for use with Amels?

Any recommendations on installation? Mount location and/or method? Main vs mizzen mast? Best way to step down from 24V to 12V?

Thanks in advance!


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