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I agree with Craig and let me add one other point. If the seals or O ring on the wear bushing are allowing water to pass, I am sure that an increased vacuum will increase the water passing through. I also believe based on the drawing below that the hose that you are referring to would only allow you to pull oil out to the level of the hose fitting just under the top of the C-Drive.
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On Thu, Oct 15, 2020 at 12:22 PM Craig Briggs via <> wrote:
Hi Rudi,

I commented on this in post #47906, which you might want to read. I suggested that 2-3 months with emulsified water-oil will not cause a problem and show pictures of my pristine drive shaft after 9 months of a "milk" bath.

I doubt that suction on one of the hoses will be effective as both are at the top of the upper unit and you'll just suck air once the oil level drops a bit.
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