Re: C-Drive Oil drain - Alternative

Craig Briggs

A good technique I've used to clean out milky oil is, after the initial drain, refill with diesel oil, then run the engine in gear forward and reverse for a few minutes (feeding water to the engine with a hose). Drain again and repeat until the diesel comes out clear. Two or three times will do the trick and a 6 gallon diesel fuel jerry jug is enough. Then change the wearing-out-bearing, O-ring, seals and drain plug washer and refill with 90 weight gear oil.

Bill Rouse sticks by the Amel recommendation of the three seals facing oil-oil-sea. José Venegas argues convincingly for a water-water-oil configuration, to which I just changed 6 months ago. I think José is now going on 20 years with no milky oil. (Or maybe it just seems like that in these times of covid.)

Great fun,
Craig - SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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