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Since 2018 incident where a Dutch ICP registered GERMAN vessel illegally entered MALTESE waters with 234 migrants the Dutch government swiftly issued a law that Dutch ICP Registry is no good and is NOT allowed to fly the Dutch flag; and how do I know ???

However, The Dutch KADASTER registry is perfect & 100% legal and recognized worldwide but means the KADASTER officers have to visit the boat in person. Difficult now with COVID-19 (especially now THE NETHERLANDS as well as BELGIUM are the hotbeds of CORONA – EU code RED ) and expensive.


Working on a solution for AMELIT I got a couple of weeks ago this Email – it seems that Italy as well as PORTUGAL are really creating problems on the EU ICP since 2019 and clamping down.




Several disturbing signals have reached us concerning the Italian acceptance of the EU ICP Light Registration.


Since last week it seems that the Italian nautical authorities no longer accept the EU ICP Light Registration.


In some cases this has resulted in the fact that the yacht was detained and only could leave the marina once the owner switched from registration type.


This because of the fact that the EU ICP Light Registration is a ownerships registration and not a flag (Title) registration. The Italians since this week only accept flag certificates.


In the case you sail in Italy or plan to sail in Italy we strongly advise you to check what kind of registration you have and consider to update it to a (Title) flag registration.


At this moment the most popular registration for yacht owners who sail in Italy is the Polish EU Flag registration and which includes a provisional registration which will be released in just a few days after the registration request.





Best Regards Teun


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Hi Jeff, 


Hmmm. Have you thought of a Dutch or Belgian registry? 


Resale might be simpler....


Good luck


Jean-Pierre Germain 

On 17/10/2020, at 8:09 AM, Jeff Williams <jeff99williams@...> wrote:

Hi Jean-Pierre,

It is a Canadian Transport Canada thing.   Need a Canadian registered surveyor to complete a tonnage certificate form if the boat is over 15m to register the boat in Canada.    I used Olivier for my survey and he was excellent.    




On Fri, Oct 16, 2020 at 2:57 PM Germain Jean-Pierre <jp.germain45@...> wrote:

Hello Jeff,


I am Canadian as well and my reg is UK.  Why do you need  CDN surveyor for tonnage?


I used the renowned surveyor named Olivier Beauté, ex director of after sales at Amel. 


He is completely qualified to tell you the tonnage... they are all identical!! 


Good luck


Jean-Pierre Germain, Eleuthera, SM007, Opua, NZ

On 17/10/2020, at 6:53 AM, Jeff Williams <jeff99williams@...> wrote:

Hi All,
In the process of buying SM#379 Spruzzo (thinking of keeping the name).  Boat is currently in Sicily and plan on cruising the Med for the next few years.

I'm going to register the boat in Canada....has anyone used a Canadian surveyor to get a Canadian Tonnage Certificate for their SM 2000?
If so can you give me the name of the surveyor?

Jeff Williams  

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