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Hello Jeff as you have probably come to understand, the Canadian tonnage is a nearly but not exactly the same thing as the UK tonnage. It is based on ancient and arcane measurements that support the formulation of a "tonnage" that measures the volumetrics of the interior. It was used long ago to calculate how much "stuff" a commercial vessel could carry and hence, how much tax could be applied by the government.
It has nothing to do with weight or displacement.
I was told not too long ago, but don't have this on any authority, that you can get Transport Canada to give you the forms to fill out by any accredited marine surveyor. Again, I was told this worked by someone who should know but I was not part of the process. Also, TransCan used to have a list of world wide surveyors that were approved for this particular survey but that was at least a decade ago and maybe longer.
Maybe worth digging a bit deeper?
Good luck with it.
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On Oct 16, 2020, at 3:09 PM, Jeff Williams <jeff99williams@...> wrote:

Hi Jean-Pierre,
It is a Canadian Transport Canada thing.   Need a Canadian registered surveyor to complete a tonnage certificate form if the boat is over 15m to register the boat in Canada.    I used Olivier for my survey and he was excellent.    

On Fri, Oct 16, 2020 at 2:57 PM Germain Jean-Pierre <jp.germain45@...> wrote:
Hello Jeff,

I am Canadian as well and my reg is UK.  Why do you need  CDN surveyor for tonnage?

I used the renowned surveyor named Olivier Beauté, ex director of after sales at Amel. 

He is completely qualified to tell you the tonnage... they are all identical!! 

Good luck

Jean-Pierre Germain, Eleuthera, SM007, Opua, NZ

On 17/10/2020, at 6:53 AM, Jeff Williams <jeff99williams@...> wrote:

Hi All,
In the process of buying SM#379 Spruzzo (thinking of keeping the name).  Boat is currently in Sicily and plan on cruising the Med for the next few years.

I'm going to register the boat in Canada....has anyone used a Canadian surveyor to get a Canadian Tonnage Certificate for their SM 2000?
If so can you give me the name of the surveyor?

Jeff Williams  

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