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I think you mentioned in the past you use Growie Insurance and their Jack-line policy. Check with them for offshore medical plans. If I recall correctly they represent IMG.


There are many options available for international healthcare. We tend to shop outside of the USA for international insurance since the policies are much easier to understand and cost a lot less. Our international policy is more for catastrophic stuff and has a high deductable. We pay out of pocket for most healthcare. We have found outside of the USA, good affordable healthcare is readily available in most countries and is about 1/5th the price of care in the USA. The price for our $2M policy is about $1800 per year for both of us. The deductable is US$5,000 each.

As an added thought – I do not limit myself to the USA should I need major treatment. There are countries in the world with very advanced healthcare systems who can provide services compatible with or much better than USA Medicare or private insurance options. For example, the biggest boom in Panama is travel-healthcare. Singapore, Thailand, UAE, Malaysia, and even India have JCI accredited hospitals. Many of these hospitals have better ratings than those in the USA, especially in their areas of expertise.


I think I deserve a cookie for restraining myself from going on a rant about the state of the USA healthcare system – {smile}



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Hi all,
I'm looking at health insurance for myself again. I've been basically self-insuring for overseas care and have DAN Boaters insurance for emergency medical  repatriation. Iris has GeoBlue plus DAN.

Depending on deductible and copay, I'm looking at $ 7-8K premium, plus $3-10K deductible and $0-5K copay every year. That's a lot of money to pay when the only thing I could imagine costing that much overseas would be emergency surgery. Anything else and we would fly home to let Medicare pay for it.

I'd be interested to know what everyone else is doing.
Thanks for your thoughts.
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