Re: Registering an SM in Canada

Ian Townsend

Much depends on whether you wish to sail in Canadian waters. If not, there is no tax or duty issues involved. If so, then as others have suggested choose your jurisdiction wisely. Double check the duty because I don’t believe all of the Euro-Canada free trade agreement has been implemented yet. And perhaps find a kindly surveyor to put a minimum value for your boat. A further suggestion comes from a friend who shall remain nameless. Choose a 24 hour secondary harbour to checkin and arrive in the middle of the night. 

I’m afraid there is no getting around the approved Transport Canada list. But they are world wide from what we recall. We have been Canadian flagged since 2014, got our tonnage survey at Nanny Cay and never paid a cent. So far!

Best of luck.

Loca Lola II

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