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Mark Erdos

Hi Kevin,


The power to the radio goes through a 24-12 vdc convertor.


In regard to the Fusion stereo: IMO good speakers but overprice radio/receiver (unless you plan to mount it outside). I would suggest a standard known brand car radio with BT and a USB input on the front. This way you can plug any device into it. I have been using for 9 years an Alpine CDE series unit and am very happy with it. It was about 1/3 the price of Fusion. I looked long and hard at the Fusion line before buying Alpine. The ability to mix the sound output to my preference was the selling point of Alpine.


Most reputable car audio manufacturers will spray their circuitry with silicone to avoid corrosion – think of an install in a convertible in a coastal area. This is the same process touted by Fusion and is commonplace in most other manufacturers. Marketing spin can work wonders for sales.


As an added thought, I replaced the interior speakers of my SM with 6X9’s. These offer a much better full range of sound. There is plenty of room to make this upgrade. You will need to make the hole larger for the interior speakers.


Replacing the cockpit speakers needs a little care since the speakers have magnets and can interfere with the compass, especially the port side.  I used Fusion 4” speakers – they are almost a perfect fit to the original hole Amel cut for the original speakers and will not affect the accuracy of the compass.


Hope this helps.



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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Fusion Marine Stereo (24 volt?)


I was wondering if anyone has successfully sourced a  24 volt Fusion Marine stereo ?  I could only find 12 volt systems on line.



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