Re: Registering an SM in Canada


Dealing with Transport Canada can be challenging, frustrating and a bit of a crap shoot. A lot of how easy or difficult your registration process goes will simply be determined by who ends up in charge of your file. 

Carefully read the Transport Canada forms on how and what they want for ships measurements. They are not looking for the actual length of your boat, (look really carefully at the forms). If you do a search on the Transport Canada site you are able to look at other Amel that are registered in Canada. You will find a lot of the Amels have something in the range of the following measurements:  Length 14.85 meters,  Breath 4.60 meters,  Depth 3.29 meters,  Gross Tonnage 17.97,  Net Tonnage 17.08,  Brake Power 73.6 KW.  

There are advantages, as mentioned by others above, of registering your Amel in a country other than Canada. It depends on where you plan to sail. 

Congratulations and Good Luck,

Fair winds, Paul
Aramis, SM 2000 - 444

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