Re: Fusion Marine Stereo (24 volt?)

Ryan Meador

The Fusion stereos (and presumably other brands of actual marine stereos) have two major advantages of car stereos: 1) they use class D amplifiers, which use significantly less power compared to class A/B/AB usually found in car stereos, and 2) they have multi-zone audio support.  You can fake the multi-zone thing with the front/rear fader adjustment of a car stereo, but it's clunky and causes the volume on both sets of speakers to change, so you're constantly adjusting to get it right.  True multi-zone means independent volume control, and you can even mount a remote control panel.  Some support 3+ zones, so you could add speakers to every cabin if you so desired.  I had one of these on my previous boat and I really liked it.

If you find a 24V marine stereo, please let me know.  I've been looking for one ever since I bought my SM and haven't been able to find any.  It would be fantastic to remove the power loss of the converter, and also be able to listen to the stereo without powering up the instruments.

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