Re: VP TMD 22 muffler

Ryan Meador

We just went through this replacement process a few months ago.  If you're willing to spend the money, probably the best option is to have a new one fabricated in metal or fiberglass so you can continue to use it as a step.  I wasn't able to find anything off the shelf that would work for that, and in the interests of time and money, we went with a Vetus.  Specifically, we ordered a model LSG75 and then added the SET0004 connection (because the two connections are different sizes on our boat, but the mufflers all come with the same size on both ends).  I think one could just as easily order an LSG90 with a SET0003 and swap the connections as appropriate, but Defender has the former combination in stock and doesn't stock the latter.

It was a real pain to get the exhaust hose to bend in such a way that it will connect to the muffler, but with a little application of heat and a lot of choice words, we got it in.  I was initially concerned about the strain the hose continuously applies to the muffler, but it seems fine.  We replaced the exhaust mixing elbow at the same time with a stainless one so that we hopefully never have to touch this system again.  It is hard to retrain your muscle memory to avoid stepping on the muffler!

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On Sun, Oct 18, 2020 at 12:51 PM Paul Osterberg <osterberg.paul.l@...> wrote:
Thanks Bill
We are preparing Kerpa for Our next trip which is planned to go to The Amazon then slowly north to Trinidad for Lay-up, but after that we plan/hope (Covid19 allow  to spend a few years in the Pacifics so probably better to replace it now when I have time. Is Vetus the best Option for a Muffler? 
Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259

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