Re: VP TMD 22 muffler

michael winand

Hi Paul,  I had some pitting on my stainless steel muffler. Most around the inlet under the pipe. A stainless metal shop can cut out the bad material and put a new piece into it. 
I would have them purge the inside of the muffler when they weld it up with a TIG weld. This will remove any pitting on the inside when they weld it. There was some pitting on the pipes that the hose joined. This can also be welded. 
You can also put in a socket to allow to drain out the water. 
Allow around 4hrs  to have them do the work. 
Michael  Nebo  sm251 

On Tue, 20 Oct 2020 at 9:00 am, Paul Osterberg
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Thank you Ryan
I just had a glance inside and from that, it looked almost as good sa new, so I decided to keep it, Probably possible to fix with Epoxi if starts to leek when waiting for a new one. We also ordered the stainless steel elbow, and decided to use the old turbo, do not know if it will perform good after cleaning, but Parts4Engine in UK have very fast delivery so will wait and see how it work when we launch coming spring
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