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Since you specifically asked for a response...

Here's what I've heard and seen firsthand that make Amel ketches a bit different than the Trintella, Contest and other ketches.

Genoa - Sailmakers who are not familiar with the unique Amel pole system often do not make the sail correctly to work with the poles. The problem is some sailmakers think they know better than Henri, who designed the original sailplan. The LP and clew height should be fairly close to the original for the sail to work with the poles. Other aspects are somewhat conventional. My sail designer is based in NZ. Fortunately we were able to spend time together on my Maramu when he was visiting California.

Mainsail - Nothing challenging about the conventional mains. However on furling mains and mizzens the Amels use unique furling systems. For instance most North American sailmakers have never heard of a Nirvana furler, much less made a sail for one. If the sailmaker is paying attention when he visits the boat it will come out just fine. I spent some time troubleshooting a brand new mizzen built by a reputable east coast loft that would not furl properly. Had he looked a bit more closely at the original mizzen I think he would have been able to avoid the errors. He paid a nearby loft to rebuild the sail to work and the owner was content.

As for my comments being not true or founded by fact I think you should review the thread. If you think using a cloth shunned by practically all reputable sailmakers is a good idea then we'll just agree to disagree. Let us know how they look after 20000 miles. A local catamaran owner here decided to try and save some money on a new main and ordered one from the same loft that built your sail. The sail survived exactly one day. After that it was stretched and could not be trimmed. Admittedly that's not a fair comparison with Amel sails since catamaran sails take much higher loads than similar sized monohulls. But it's a sign that the people who took the order did not know what they were doing.

I am not trying to drum up business as much as I am trying to help people avoid costly mistakes. I think if someone has a good relationship with their local sailmaker they should maintain that relationship.

The old adage of "the bitterness of poor quality outlasts the sweetness of a cheap price" is true for sails as it is for many things.

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Dear all,

This subject was started by me because I was very proud of my new sails. If I ever had known this would lead to the fierce discussion about integrity I weouldn't have posted as I did.

I want to correct something here. I was the one who brought the name of Lee sails forward because of my feelings about there sails. Whatever for the rest of contributors, I wasn't offended by Dave for his reaction. I found his reaction not true nor founded by facts. Dave took my post out of perspective and reacted on what he thought I mend. I believe that was never his intention.

Why not get this lead back into what it was mend to be: a discussion about sails. Why are sails for an Amel complicated? It's a straight forward ketch (contest 38, Trintella 4a, Trintella 38K, etc) all have the same idea off layout and hull shape. The unicity of an Amel is in it's unique comfort and sturgeness.

So what makes it hard (if so) to design sails for an Amel and why should there be a 'better' sailmaker?

I sincerly want also Dave and Jean to respond....

And let's all do that in good humor and with an eye for the interest of the others. Sure Dave is a sailmaker and loftowner. So he will have to be carefull not to post easy opinions. From Dave we expect thouroughly rethought opinions and strong arguments about sails. It's his profession.

I only know about the law so if any of you want's to break it please contact me ;-)


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