Re: Offshore Health Insurance

Craig Briggs

Hi Pat,  Yes, your post indeed said you did not file a claim. My point was simply that you'll learn what your coverage is if you do file a claim and that may be the most efficient way to find out.

Tom Peacock's post that it is confusing is so true and he pointed out that (Original) Medicare Parts A&B do not cover care outside of the US. To get any coverage outside the US you need either a MediGap Supplemental Plan like your Plan F policy (not any one) or a Medicare Contract Part C plan like Tom and I have (again, not any one).

Teun says he has a "Platinum Rolls Royce" supplemental plan, but in actuality all Medigap Supplemental Plans - Plans A thru N - are standardized by the government and all providers offer exactly the same coverage for each plan (although they charge different premiums). Part C Plans, (not to be confused with Supplemental Plan C) must provide everything that Original Parts A&B cover but may add more, like different deductibles and MOOP's (my favorite acronym for Max Out of Pocket), dental and eye care, and out-of-USA, etc. and charge different premiums from $0 to hundreds a month (on top of the Part A/B premium.

Finally, Tom's (or Teun's) point that all this is subject to an amazingly huge layer of bureaucrats interpreting what's covered or not makes giving an authoritative answer a bit of a fools errand.

Our favorite bureaucratic interchange was in Greece, trying to get stamped out. After literally a two hour wait at the counter with people running about, the supervisor finally took pity on us, came over and most kindly apologized, saying, "I'm so sorry, but this is the first of the month and we have a lot of bureaucracy to do.

Perhaps we should stick to lip seals and Lithium batteries!
Cheers, Craig

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