Re: Offshore Health Insurance

Ralph Caruso

Medicare parts A&B do not cover medical care outside the US.  You may be covered by some Medicare Advantage plans (read the words carefully, because they may only cover emergency care), but the only that I KNOW covers care outside the USA is BCBS issued to current and retired members of the Federal Bureaucracy (I am a retired bureaucrat). You have to be a Federal Employeee or a retiree eligible to particulate in the Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan. It is one of the best plans in the USA (not quite as good as some union-sponsored plans for stuff like dental or glasses), and it covers you everywhere in the world, because lots of Fed employees work or travel outside the US. 

When we lived in France, we used to send our claims back to the US, and they would do the translations and currency conversions and send us a check in $US.  BCBS has an entire large operation dedicated to foreign coverage.  They can even provide you with attestations that you are covered, so that you can present them to foreign governments that require this as a condition for a residency card. (Been there, done that)

Unfortunately, you would have to go back to work, for the US govt, for at least 5 years, in order to become eligible for a pension and FEHBP coverage at age 62, if you retire from the govt.

Ralph Caruso

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