Re: C-Drive Oil drain - Alternative

Gary Silver

I can confirm what Eric has said about their being residual oil / emulsion in  the bottom  of the C-drive.  I use a 60 ml irrigating syringe with a short piece of tubing inserted thru the drain plug hole to suck this residual solution out  of this area.  The tubing usually has a natural curve to it from being coiled and will go naturally into the lowest part of the C-drive.  By cutting the tubing on a bevel on the lower portion  of the  tube I can usually suck out at least 120 ml of residual solution.  I then use solvent to flush the area using the same tubing and again aspirate as much as I can.  Lastly,  I use a surgical "tail sponge"  inserted thru the drain plug hole to "dry" this "sump" area.  A long piece of lint free material would serve the same purpose.

Gary S. Silver, M.D.
s/v Liahona
on the hard in Puerto Del Rey Marina,  Puerto Rico

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