Re: LiFePO4 Conversion on sv BeBe - SM#387

Willem Kroes

Hello, all Amelians who are considering to replace the lead/acid-batteries by a LifePo4 bank,

I did this by importing 8 100Ah 12V LifePo4 batteries in January 2018. So now I have 3 seasons of experience with these batteries. I am more than satisfied. Of course, I had to change the charging characteristics of the 60 A charger (Mastervolt) which I reprogrammed by myself and that of the 70 A alternator. A Mastervolt dealer removed the internal controller and connected an external charge controller (Alpha Pro) with a temperature sensor attached to the alternators house.
The batteries were, because of the internal BMS-modules slightly higher than the original ones. I had only to take a little of the wooden bar attached to the lid of the compartment. This was all!

The company I bought the batteries from has sent me a few days ago an update on the pricing: 

"Hello Willem ,

12v 100ah lifepo4 battery here below is price.


1.Lifepo4 battery type
2.with plastic hard case,black color
3.size is 330*170*220mm
4.weight 12.5kg
5.rated voltage 12.8v
6.charge end off voltage 14.6v
7.dischage cut off voltage 10v
8.with pcm and work with 10-100A max current
9.with screw/nut
10.lead time 15-25 days

USD 238/ 1 pc exw price ,base on USD@CNY 6.7, for individual use;

USD 259/ 1 pc exw price ,base on USD@CNY 6.7, for series use,from 24V-48V ;

Will you use each 12v 100ah battery seperately or series together ?


yours sincerely,

Angel Xiao


Tell 75528329396"

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