Re: Super Maramu Bimini

Cathy & Guillaume

If it can be of any help, attached are some photos I received from Maxime @Amel a few months ago showing their bimini and rear extension.

The reference numbers he gave me where:

Ref amel 3204 :Capote avec fenêtre SM2000 (Bimini)
Ref amel 2114 :Extention de capote SM2000 (=taud d’hiver)
(rear extension) 

This is made by a company in Souillac, France.

Not sure myself about this design: does the sloping rear panel prevent stowing a normal size tender on the aft deck?  Seems to have forgotten the genoa sheet passages?

A question for those who have used Sunbrella (with coating inside): is it watertight enough after a few years? Does it lose its shape?  Do you recommend it?

Carpathia III - SM2K #293

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