Re: LiFePO4 Conversion on sv BeBe - SM#387

Willem Kroes

Hi José,

I think they are willing to deliver also to the USA. I don't know what import regulations exist and what the import tariff is.

All these companies are offering guaranties (1 or 2 years, but it is worth to negotiate the terms).

Bill Rouse is right that there some factories using polluted substances and this can result in a catastrophe, such as meltdowns or even a fire. On the other hand also with lead-acid batteries, there are lots of cases with big problems. Bear also in mind that Lithium-Iron-phosphate batteries are less vulnerable to fire-risks and also in general much more stable than lead-acid ones. Also, notice that LifePo4 batteries don't contain dangerous chemicals, such as lead-acid batteries do.  

Ask for testing reports, such as for the CE certificate. It took me weeks daily emailing with the representative, asking for testing reports, references of other clients, numbers of batteries exported to which countries etc.  I ordered also 2 extra BMS modules and they put these in 2 extra cases. The extra cost of this was around 90 US dollars.

Doing business with the interference of Alibaba can result in a guaranteed contract and you will not lose your money in the event the factory fails to deliver the batteries on board of the container vessel.

I the best practise is to do the research, the negotiating, the contract procedure and the import procedure with a group of boaters together. This will save a lot of money and work.

Best regards,

Willem Kroes

SM2K #351 Kavanga
Marina di Ragusa  

Best regard

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