Re: Problem with bowthruster

Willem Kroes

Hello Eric, Thierry and Paul,

October 2018, I had the same problem with the bow thruster and I ordered the kit from Amel. The mechanic of the Ascar boatyard in Cartagena (Spain) complained that the new endcap did not fit well. In any case, the holes were not on the same spot. Therefore he used the old endcap. After using the bow thruster not more than 12 times it failed again in the spring of 2019. Same problem as before. I sailed to Preveza in Greece and looked for a mechanic who was familiar with Amel boats and with the Amel bow thruster. I found such a mechanic at the Aktio boatyard (Mr Markus). With the Amel special tool, I managed to get the foot on to the deck and took that to the Aktio boatyard. The conclusion of Mr Markus was that there was too much play on the gears and the mechanic in Spain failed to check this. According to Mr Markus, it was not a problem to use the old endcap, but then shims were needed to get the amount of play down. After communication with Maud on this, she came back to me after consulting the Amel technicians, and they confirmed that with the old endcap, shims had to be used. So I ordered, with a small discount Maud granted me, another kit for the bow thruster foot. Mr.Markus told me the new endcap included with this kit was deeper inside than the old cap and therefore, reducing the amount of play to be within the margin of tolerance. In the new endcap, the holes were right on the spot.

So, it seems that there was a difference between the endcap as part of the kit they sold before when the boat was in Spain and the endcap as part of the second kit.

I think this is an important point to check with Amel before ordering a new kit.

Best regards,

Willem Kroes
SM2K#351 Kavanga
Marina di Ragusa

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