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Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Hi Eric,

Thank you for recognizing Thiery and the factory like this. I will concur with your appreciation of Thiery, Maud, and the entire Amel factory team in relation to how they care for Amel owners, even though some of our boats left their factory so long ago.

We had the exact same experience with Thiery and the factory team in April 2018. We were in a very remote part of the Maldives Islands, about to sail for Chagos, Rodrigues, and then cross the Indian Ocean, when we had to replace the entire leg of our bow thruster. At that time I got Thiery and Maud on our satphone (whilst the factory was under significant pressure to get 55's out) and learned that they had zero spare Super Maramu 2000 bow thrusters in stock. Long story short ... Thiery arranged everything, even stopping a busy section of the factory to prioritize making us a complete fresh new thruster then urgently air freighted it into Male for us, all in 3 weeks, along with a new underwater fitting tool and required spares so that I could replace the thruster in the water in a remote atoll!!

What a champion Thiery is, and this goes to the very heart of the entire Amel philosophy of superior Quality and Customer Care! At the time Island Pearl II (2001) was already 16 years old, and yet Amel factory was still prepared to prioritize our job at our time of real need, with weather windows closing, our overdue Chagos stay window diminishing,  and the prospect of crossing the often dangerous Indian Ocean with a hole where the thruster should be! You could simply imagine how appreciative we were as a month later we hit 3 wild days mid-Indian Ocean of 55kts winds and white out conditions with 6m swells between Chagos to Rodrigues. 

Bravo Amel! Also, since this was our 7th cruising yacht, from experience with other well known brands, we know for absolute certain that none of the other manufacturers would have done this for a client on a 16 year old boat under her 2nd ownership! Simply amazing stuff from an amazing company!

Although we have since sold, and are land-based working for the next 5 years, we will certainly be back!

Colin & Lauren Streeter
Ex SV Island Pearl II
Brisbane, Australia

On Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 4:46 PM eric freedman <kimberlite@...> wrote:

I cannot begin to tell all of you how impressed I am  with Amel and particularly Thierry.

They never fail to surprise me..

Last night Monday about 1-2 AM I wrote to Thierry at Amel with my tale of woe with my bow thruster.

Around 10:30 AM I received Thierry's offer for a new gear set for my bow thruster.

I accepted and sent him my card info- I just assumed that it was late in the day Monday and POSSIBLY my parts would go out Tuesday .

I sent an email to Thierry earlier tonight asking when he expects to ship my parts. He sent me a note just now saying 

he was driving to work and that the parts were sent out MONDAY. He said he would give me the tracking info when he gets to the office.

For those of us who try a work around of Amel spares. Please bear in mind the incredible support we receive from 

Amel.. They cannot afford to stock our parts and provide us with such exceptional support without our support.


Fair Winds,


SM 376 Kimberlite

Colin Streeter
0411 016 445

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