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FREEZING CONDITIONS: If the boat stays in a very cold region, please take a bucket containing 8 litres of warm fresh water mixed with one glycerine litre (you will find it in a drugstore) and let the seawater inlet hose suck up the mixture by starting the watermaker without pressure. You should then empty the flow meter tube on the control panel by blowing into the blue hose connected to the membranes. In normal winter conditions, only empty the flow meter tube and use the sterilizing cartridge ST2.

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Am 27.10.2020 um 20:17 schrieb Ryan Meador <ryan.d.meador@...>:

Hi all,

We have the 60L/hr, 24V-only Dessalator.  Following the great instructions from past threads on this subject, we've successfully winterized the raw water side with pink antifreeze.  But none of the threads we've found have gone into detail on how to winterize the fresh (product) water side of the system, and we can't figure it out.  We disconnected the product water fittings near the end of the tubes, but little water came out.  I suspect the control panel tubes drained, but the membranes did not.  Also, I still see water inside the flow meter and pressure gauge.  Do any of you know how to drain these and/or replace the fresh water with antifreeze?


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