Re: Main Furler - Sail stuck / jammed


You have a problem that probably includes the sail twisted backwards on the foil. The guy might be a good electrician, but keep him off the boat. 

Drop the motor and gearbox about 30mm by loosening the 4 bolts  Untie the mainsail from the outhaul. While pulling on the clew of the mainsail, use a winch handle in the manual furler turning a little clockwise and anticlockwise until you have all of the sail unfurled. You may have to go up the mast to pull the sail out. 


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On Thu, Oct 29, 2020, 12:55 PM Santorin LO via <> wrote:
Hi Bill,

The motor is ok, and operational. the sail was opened with NO out hauling, and then closed again and then opened again by the electrician ALL within the mast without out hauling - what caused the sail now to be 'messy folded' in the mast.

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