Re: A question about coppercoat

Ian Park

We put our own copper coat on in Trinidad, just the two of us. In the heat it did need thinning down. We did a third of the hull at a time. We did not put a barrier coat on as it is an epoxy mixture itself. This was our advice from Copper Coat Uk. If you go on the website you can calculate the amount you need. The main cause of failure is not continuously stirring the mixture during application to keep the copper flakes evenly distributed in the resin. Another cause is not putting all the coats on immediately the previous one is at the ‘tacky stage‘. Sometimes ‘professional workers’ put a layer on the whole boat Then leave the next coat till the next day.
Our friends did their boat at the same time with one person continuously mixing the next batch while 6 people With rollers continuously applied it.
Bottom line is that it is not much more difficult than anti fouling. On the plus side it is water based so cleaning rollers, hands etc it is less messy and less toxic.

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