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Matt Salatino

We applied CC ourselves.
It’s not easy.
First, CC is not paint. It is a 2 part epoxy with copper powder (more like dust) mixed in. Two factors to deal with:
1) the copper does not stay in suspension. It must be mixed constantly. This takes one person.
2) it’s epoxy. If the weather is warm, you have limited time to apply it before it “kicks”.

The constant mixing on a warm day insures a relatively short working time before it hardens in the paint tray, so you must mix many, small batches, and work fast.

Lastly, and very important, you must let the CC cure for 4 days on the hard, then sand it. Any epoxy will coat (encapsulate) whatever particle is introduced. Unsanded CC is not anti fouling. You must sand it to expose the copper metal for it to be antifouling. Sanding is a critical step.

There are published directions in applying CC yourself.
The first step is removing all old paint, and having a very clean hull to start. We are members of the yacht club that the US distributor of CC belongs to, so we had excellent technical direction, and followed all instructions, exactly. There are no shortcuts to applying CC.
That said, my wife (the mixer) and I applied it ourselves, doing one side of the hull each day (so two days to apply) and one day to sand, 4 days later. It was difficult, but worth it. We sold the boat two years ago. It’s on its 7th year with no problems.
When necessary to repaint, we will have CC applied again. We’ll likely pay someone to do it.....we’re getting old.


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Can coppercoat be applied by an owner or does it need to be applied by a dealer ? If it can be installed by an owner ,what would you estimate the cost of materials would be . I had the impression that there was mixed reviews on this product,but you guys seem very pleased with it. I have my hull down to the gel coat and ready to apply a barrier coat soon ,so I could go with any bottom protection at this point.
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Confirm what others have said. We usually get a layer of slime in tropical waters, less so in colder northern waters. It comes off easily with a nylon abrasive pad, or with jet wash on a haul out. If you get shell a scraper works very well.
I share Pen Azen’s ages and comments. When you’ve done the anti foul cycle enough times it’s a joy to have a Coppercoat.
PS I think many AMEL owners have often been told its cheating to have all these buttons for furling and reefing the sails - but I’ve done my share of being jet washed on the foredeck and love the comfort of my Santorin (and not having antifoul coloured measles off the paint roller).


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