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Matt Salatino

We have hauled every hurricane season to store our boat. CC is a hard epoxy. One nice feature is, when cleaning slime, you can take a 6” metal putty knife to scrape it with no ill effects. Straps won’t affect it. No worries.


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Does CopperCoat stay in tact when hauling out? Given it is epoxy mix coats, I assume so, but still would like to ask. 
I use regular ablative water based antifoul and every year my boat has marks from straps. and where the straps go, antifoul paint is mostly wiped off and needs painting. 

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CopperCoat has been the least expensive antifoul I’ve ever used. Spread that “high” cost across 10 or more years....

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Craig, That sounds expensive, but I spent $1500.00 on bottom paint a couple of years ago. If you got six years for $2300. ,that would work out  pretty well,if it works for you ,seems to have had different results for different people ,probably application error.
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Hi Pat - check out - they list an SM as needing 18 "Kits" for $2340. Site is a "must read and study".
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