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175 amps of 24 volts is a lot, but if you do change to a bigger alternator, you will likely need to increase the size of the wire from the battery bank switch to the 24-volt alternator. You will also probably need to change belts and pulleys. I really loved the fact the on the Yanmar engine all 3 belts were exactly the same.

Additionally, if the Leece-Neville 24-volt, 175 amp alternator is still working, I can think of several SM owners who will want to buy it. It is very difficult to find an alternator with that high of amperage and that is built as good as the Leece-Neville. Let me know if you want to sell it and I will pass the information to those interested.

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On Fri, Oct 30, 2020 at 2:33 PM Stefan and Anne Deerberg <stefan.deerberg@...> wrote:
Dear all!

we bought our OYA, a SM 2000, 373 in April.
now we want to change the alternator to a bigger 175 amp.
The engine is still the original Yanmar 75hp from 2002.

Is there anyone with good experience with a special brand?
Do we have to pay attention to something when converting?
Which alternator fits this engine?

thanks for your ideas, tips and experience 


SV OYA, SM 373, Carriacou / Grenada 

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