Re: Genoa Chain Plate bolts Leaking in aft hanging closet

James Alton


   Great news!  Glad to hear that your all back together and that you decided to rebed the whole chainplate.   You should be leak free in that area for a couple of decades or so.   Try to avoid getting oil/diesel on any of the polyurathenes such as 5200 which can permanently soften them! I know how challenging it can be to acquire materials in other countries and that sometimes you just have to use what you can find.  The 5200 should give you good service in this application.   For the record, I have not had much luck with the Sikaflex caulkings though I tend to stick to what I find that does work and not change so my Sikaflex experience is limited to maybe half a dozen jobs.  My favourite caulkings to date are:  3M 101 original polysulfide caulking,  (No longer available unfortunately) West Marine Polyether Multicaulk in white and black and the  Dow Corning Mil-spec 3145 gray silicone caulking which is the ultimate for many applications but the adhesion is so good that you can literally remove the gel coat when you take up hardware so cut it loose with a sharp putty knife rather than just prying.  The 3145 can also take a LOT of heat so heating does not do much to aid in removal.   The Multicaulk is much weaker so hardware is easy to remove,  even easier than the 4200.  The Multicaulk is not destroyed by occasional exposure to oils.  I would consider stocking some of the Butyl tape the next time you come across a good source.  Butyl is great for temp. sealing jobs and seems to be storable forever so you will always have a sealant on board that is not cured in the tube.  I can understand why so many are recommending this type of sealant but I just don’t like the black sticky lines that are left when bedding with this material.  Functionally it seems to work very well.

  Hopefully you are back in the water or getting close.  Looking forward to your next episode.

James Alton
SV Sueno
Maramu #220

On Oct 31, 2020, at 4:14 AM, Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...> wrote:

Well, I ended up using 5200.  I bought some Sikaflex 295 (which is supposed to be like 4200) to do the job, as I could not find 4200 or Butyl Tape for sale anywhere in Krabi Thailand.  But, after I pulled the chainplate off, with the help of a friend, found that the new batch of SikaFlex had already gone off.  So, my friend helper, who has owned a boat for 40 years said WHY ARE YOU USING SIKAFLEX anyway...  That stuff is crap!  
Then he said a few things like -  
When was the last time you had the chainplate off?....  I answered - Well, never!
So, when's the next time you are going to take it off?...  I answered - Hopefully never!
Sounds like you need to use 5200, and I'll tell you another thing...  There is no way you're not going to be able to get the chainplate off if you need to...  
I had some 5200 in my fridge, so I pulled it out, and sealed it up....  After making a huge mess.  The job was done....  It was a pretty easy job, including removing and replacing the Rub Rail, it took about 3 hours.  The hardest job was cleaning up the extra 5200.

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