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Bob Chapman

My belief, from many years in both aerospace and industrial electrical engineering, is that one should only put one terminal under a fastener (screw or bolt or nut). When there are more than one, it significantly increases the chance that a wire will wiggle, particularly where there is any vibration, thus loosening the whole “stack”.  Then the added resistance due to the looseness will quickly lead to a red-hot stack If there’s much current flowing in the stack.  I clearly remember ordering silver bars drilled and tapped to use as common bars. Wasn’t so very expensive. 

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Hi Chris,   Please share pictures of how things look after you “unstack” the main switches.  I have been considering that as well. 


Here are a few responses to your ideas: 

  1. I would prefer to leave the very heavy bow-thruster cables as is on the Main switch.  I don’t want to add anything in that heavy load circuit that I can avoid.  
  2. I read a few concerns about ANL fuses for heavy load circuits and recommendations to use Class T for those.  I have one 400A class T from Blue Sea on the positive battery cable.  The inverter/charger, solar MPPT etc are also fused separately (200A ANL on the Victron Multi-Plus 3000/70/16)


Would also be interested in more information on where you mount and how you wire your rotary switch when you get that installed.


Thanks and regards,  Daniel and Lori Carlson on sv BeBe, sm #387




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Thanks everyone!  My setup has me in 4 groups of 100AH 12V Battle Borns @24v (400AH).  I have each group's positives and negatives aggregating to corresponding bus bars that then lead to the battery box posts.  I have an AMP ANL-style fuse holder in-line on the positive bus bar.  Everything I touch on this boat is going to be fused / breakered out appropriately.  I'll start with the 500amp and move up to 600 if needed.  


Bill Kinney- basically doing what you have done with your 24v / 12v distribution. I am going to work backwards from distribution and  "Unstack" the main Amel switches and move all the cables to bus bars (4 of them Engine Pos, Engine Neg, House load Pos, House Neg.) proper fusing closest to distribution and breakered out for switching. Same goes with any of the 12v distributions. All with appropriate marine wire, fittings, and labeling. 


On the AC side I am removing the Amel Auto Priority Gen / Shore Power priority switch (yes it has severed her well so far) in favor of a manual rotary Gen-Off_Shore switch..  Just for my peace of mind. 



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