Re: Shore Power Breaker Trip - Problem apparently on the boat

Mark Garver

Thanks guys I know how I’m proceeding!

Fair Winds,

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On Nov 3, 2020, at 12:25 PM, Chris Doucette <amaroksailing@...> wrote:

I replaced the solenoid based shore-power Gen switch and landed on the exact BlueSeas switch Alan used- I don't like automagical switching, especially with the 50 /60 hz issue.  I also have an isolation transformer that will be going in very soon for the shore power.

In my case, I did not install the switch in the engine room, rather I ran the necessary AC  wiring to this box (now a junction box) to a location in the Gally next to the AC Panel and just above the Genset Start t so I can work everything AC from there.

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