Re: Hatch door repair

Germain Jean-Pierre

I never perform this task but I have heard the following from others who have. 

You cannot remove the door unless you remove the dodger and most people refuse to do that. You can lift the door as far up as it can, affix it there so you can work on the surface and perhaps just sand and then recover with hi quality gloss epoxy paint would be my choice. Apparently, only the very bottom of the door remains covered by the sliders and this is not visible in normal use. 

Good luck in your project. 

Jean-Pierre Germain, Eleuthera, SM007, New Zealand

On 4/11/2020, at 6:30 AM, Slavko D. <slavko@...> wrote:

I have very bad hutch door on my SM. Does not look nice at all. See photo attached. I am not sure how to get it better. Just sand it, put some epoxy and then several layers of UV protected varnish. Is this the way to go? I am going to boat tomorrow and will check if door an be taken out, or all the work has to be done on the boat.
Thank you.
SM 2000

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