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Hi Slavko.  
 I used veneer on mine. Mahogany 
Good luck
Mango 33 Sarqui

On Nov 3, 2020, at 2:46 PM, Alan Grayson <bazgrayson@...> wrote:

Hi Slavko, we painted ours with awlgrip after sanding and fairing. It all has to be done in place but you can lift the door all the way to the dodger roof by removing a piece of plywood which stops the door raising all the way. It was a bit messy with the sanding dust but lots of plastic and tape keeps most of it outside.
Alan Grayson
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I have very bad hutch door on my SM. Does not look nice at all. See photo attached. I am not sure how to get it better. Just sand it, put some epoxy and then several layers of UV protected varnish. Is this the way to go? I am going to boat tomorrow and will check if door an be taken out, or all the work has to be done on the boat.
Thank you.
SM 2000

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